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Surface grinder is a kind of machine for making the surface with smooth finish flat. It is one of the mostly used abrasive machining process. In it, a spinning wheel is covered in rough particle that cuts metallic or non-metallic substances and making the surface flat and smooth.

It is the most commonly used machine around the world. It is at last process, in which much of the impurities, oxides and other unwanted material is removed from the surface, hence making it much more smooth and flat.  It also makes the surface, perfect for the one’s purpose as for why or how he wants it to be.


Here are some of it’s parts and information regarding them.

It mainly consists of: –

  • Abrasive wheel
  • Chuck
  • Rotary table

Chuck is a part which holds the product or material in stable place, as the work is being done upon it. There are two ways to hold the material in a place: –

Abrasive wheel

Either by placing ferromagnetic pieces with a magnetic chuck and non-metallic and ferromagnetic material/pieces are held by a vacuum and mechanical means to place them in a particular place.

The most important consideration to be noted for a surface grinding machine is that what type of material has been used to make grinding wheel and also the material of the product that needs the work to be done upon.


Most probably, the product on which the work has to be done, has mild steel and cast iron and these two materials doesn’t clog the wheel also or disrupt its function. There are more materials are there such as brass, stainless steel, aluminium and some plastics. If grinding is done at high temperature, then the material can get weakened and also tends to become more corrode.

Rotary Table

The grinding wheel doesn’t only is limited to cylindrical shape but gives various options of different shapes that is required by the product or the material, on which the works is needed to be done. These straight wheels are made ready by their operators for any shape work. There is one very important point to be noted that, the grinding wheel gives a reverse shape on the surface of product against which the wheel is made to grind.

A grinding machine can help in providing a particular shape or a smooth finish.

Varieties of Surface Grinders

Peripheral Or Horizontal-Spindle

In the case of this machine, the flat edge or the periphery of the wheel is make in contact with the product on which the work is need to be done, and it produces the flat surface. For high-precision work on angled or flat surface, peripheral grinding is recommended and used.

Wheel-face or vertical spindle grinders

In this, either the face of a cup, disc, cylinder or segmental wheel is used against the flat surface. The main work of the grinding wheel is for fast material removal and in some cases, it needs high precision too. The product is held on the table that is reciprocating, but it can be varied as per the task, with continuous rotation. This rotation makes loading / unloading one station, as while grinding work is being done on another.

Double Disc Grinders And Single Disc Grinders

Double Disc Grinders

This is very much the same to surface grinding. Although, it provides larger contact between the surface of workpiece and disc. Both horizontal and vertical spindle types are available. If there is a need of double side work on a single workpiece and on a same point of time, then double disc grinders are used. They are mainly for getting high and fine tolerance.

About Grinding Wheel Surface

Mostly diamonds, silicon carbide, CBN – cubic boron nitride or aluminium oxides are used for making the surface of the grading wheel. But out these four materials, aluminium oxide is the most commonly used and the most least used material is diamonds because of its cost as they are very much expensive. CBN and diamonds are used for grinding carbides and ceramics as these both needs some very hard grinding materials, aluminium oxide is not that much hard and strong.


For the maintenance of the grinding machine, lubricants are required for its smooth working. It helps in lubricating the interface and removing the chips or swarfs. Most commonly used lubricants such as water soluble oils, synthetic oils, petroleum-based oils and water-soluble chemical fluids are used. These lubrication fluids are mostly depending on workpiece materials and the table outlines.

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