Radial Drilling Machine

What is Radial Drilling Machine?

The radial drilling machine is an industrial product and specially designed and manufactured for large and heavy work items. A quality radial drilling machine is basically designed to perform the drilling action on any specified place and position without moving the large and heavy work item. The column of this drilling machine with the help of arm facilitates the work item by adjusting its position in upwards and downward directions. The most amazing feature of the this machine is its flexibility which has eased out the drilling operations in the industry on large and heavy work items.

Working Principle

 Working Principle of Radial Drilling machine is basically same as of drilling machine wherein rotating edge attached on the head of the drill applies a force on work item to create a hole and remove the excess material. Radial drilling machine allows the big and large work item to settle down without any need to re-position the heavy and big article, again and again, drilling is performed on different position by adjusting the position of the column with the help of the arm.

Parts of Radial Drilling Machine and Its Importance

Here are some of its important parts as follows:


The base of the machine is made up of cast iron due to its required strength. The Base supports the column and the table both. Work item on which drilling operation is to be performed is mounted on the table which is mounted on the other end of the base. Radial drilling machine used in heavy manufacturing industry comes with two bases to support placing and removing work item on one hand and carry on the drilling operation on another hand


This part is fixed on the one end of the base. A motor is placed on the top of the column to which allows the movement of the arm. Since this machine is supposed to support the drilling operation in heavy and large work items, column enables accommodate the arm for drilling operation at different positions.

Radial Arm

Radial arm is placed on the column and is expandable in the horizontal position up to its length. Radial arm is actually a mechanical tool which supports the drill head.

Drill Head

The drill head is affixed on the radial arm and which in turn facilitates it to adjust at any position on the radial arm. The drill head is adjusted on the work item and performed the task of generating hole when force is applied through the power motor. It operates on different feeds and speed during drilling operations.


The spindle is that part of the this machine which rotates and holds the drill chuck. It is the spindle that is responsible for rotating function of radial drilling machines. Now with advanced technology, new machines are supporting multi-spindle and multi-drill head.

Difference between Pillar Drilling Machine and Radial Drilling Machine

Pillar Drilling Machine

Pillar Drilling Machine

A Drilling Machine is also known as pillar drilling machine or drill press. it has a column attached with base and a bed to hold work item. But the reach of the drill is limited and fixed.

Radial Drilling Machine

Radial Drill Machine

 A radial drill press is an advanced version of s drilling machine specially designed for big and heavy work items which allow the greater degree of freedom and flexibility. This machine provides the convenience of performing drilling operation on the different position of the heavy and big work items without making them move. And this machine is opted due to its capability of positioning its drill head on the work items with adjusting the radial arm.

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