Power Press Machines

What is Power Press Machines?

A power press machine is a machine which is used for cutting, shaping, blending and pressing any metal sheet into required shape. This is a multi-purpose machine used to shape the metal sheet to be used for getting the desired shape of the parts to be used in electric and electronic appliances, automobile industry etc. Earlier, the task of giving shape to the metal sheet was done manually with great effort and force. The power press machine has revolutionized this process by adding force and accuracy in the operation of pressing.

The working principle of Power Press Machine

Power press machine works on the principle of reforming the metal sheet by applying the required force. The major parts are a bed, ram, clutch, flywheel, and crankshaft. Upper and lower dies are attached to ram and once work piece placed on the bed is fed to the machine, and operation initiated. As a result of the rotary motion of flywheel, pressing and shaping task is performed when upper and lower die put a force together.

Uses of Power Press Machine

Power Press Machine is a multipurpose machine used in various industries for cutting, shaping, and pressing of sheet metal.

Let us see in brief the various uses of power press –

  • Power Press Machine is majorly used in manufacturing industries for getting the casing ready for the appliances
  • Due to its multi-functionality feature, it is used in all the factories and industrial establishments.
  • Power pressing machine is one of the most important machines to learn for every engineering student, so is the part of every technical institute’s workshop.
  • This machine is part of every electronic and electric appliance factory.

Benefits of Power Press Machine

Multi Functionality of power press machine has bestowed us with various under mentioned benefits –

  • Earlier the task of pressing and shaping was performed manually, this machine has resulted in the huge saving of effort and labour
  • It is designing in the way that work pieces need not to arrange again and again on the machine.
  • Power Press machine serves the multiple purposes of cutting, pressing, trimming, straightening etc.
  • Power Press machine is much easier to work with, in comparison to the manual effort.

Safety Measures

Power press machine falls in the category of heavy machines, so it is really important to take care of few guidelines, while using the power press machine at workshop or factory –

  • First and foremost thing that person responsible for operating the machine should be given proper training.
  • Working of the machine should be explained to every person responsible for any kind of job on a power press machine
  • Due maintenance activity should be carried out in the factory or workshop as per the requirement, including the examination by a technical expert of major components responsible for dis-functioning to avoid unwanted consequences.
  • When not in use, the power of the machine should be switched off.
  • Working instructions that need to be followed should be either pasted on the machine or will be handy to the operator.
  • A proper record of power press maintenance activity should be maintained to schedule maintenance activity well on time.

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