Planner Machine

Planner machine – Brief description of parts and best working practices

What is a Planer Machine

The planner machine comes in the category of heavy machinery which is used to create a flat surface on large and heavy work items. Work items are placed on the table and cutting tool is moved in the required direction lie horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

The purpose of the article is to make aware of the best practices for working on the planner machine. And for this, the brief description of the working principal and the parts of planner machine is a must.

Working Principle

A planer machine works on mechanism wherein reciprocatory action is performed on the work. A planner Machine is like a shaper machine; in shaper machine cutting tools moves but in planner machine work piece is adjusted.

Construction of Planner Machine

Let us have a very brief description of the construction of planner machine. The major parts of the Planner machine are table and bed, cross rail, housings, tool rails, driving and feed mechanism and their working importance is listed below.

Table and Bed :

Both bed and table are made of cast iron due to the required strength. The bed is the flat surfaced affixed on the t shaped stand known as a table. The work item is clamped on the flat surface.

Cross rail

The cross rail moves upward and on vertical movement with the support of sideways and accommodate the work item at different height positions.


These are affixed in the centre of both sides of the base and are also made of cast iron.

Tool heads:

Tool heads are responsible for holding the cutting tool used in the planner operation. Two tool heads are placed on the cross rail.

Driving and feed mechanism

Driving and feed mechanism is actually responsible for performing the operation and it may be manual or motor power driven.

 Best practices to be followed while working on Planner Machine

The purpose of mentioning the best practices to be followed while working on a planner machine is to ensure the safety and security of work force.

  • Training to the fresher is must and in the initial stage, it is recommended that operation to be performed under the monitoring of an experienced resource.
  • There should be an emergency stop button in the reach of the operator and person operating should be well aware of this.
  • Planner machine should be well placed and there should be required space around the machine to perform the work.
  • Timely maintenance should be performed on a machine to keep all the tools and parts in good working condition and ensure to place a chart on the machine.
  • Appropriate body suit along with the gloves and safety glasses should be used by staff.
  • Cleaning and brushing of the machine should be performed once the machine is switched off and work item is removed.
  • Safety devices should be readily available at the work station and staff should be trained to use these under unpleasant circumstances.
  • While performing the task, make ensure that there should be sufficient clearance time between work
  • Guards, clamps tool heads should be checked before starting the operation.
  • Never make in changes during the operation even it is minute in nature.
  • The setting of the depth of a cut tool and the feed rate are interrelated and important to take the appropriate time while setting the feed mechanism.
  • Oiling and greasing of the machine is very important so paste the chart to track the frequency   
  • Keep the working area clean and clear of tools, scraps, oil and other unwanted substances.

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