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Lathe Machine/What is Lathe Machine/Types of Lathe Machine

Types of Lathe Machines

We Esskay Lathe & Machine Tools are the Manufacturer of all types of lathe machines in india, Like , all geared lathe machine, gear head lathe machine, belt driven lathe machine, ss and sc lathe machine, medium duty lathe machine, heavy duty lathe machine, extra heavy duty lathe machine, centre lathe machine , roll turning lathe machines manufactured by Esskay lathe and machine tools,CNC Lathe Machines Manufactured by Esskay lathe and machine tools

Exporting our machines to Africa, saudi arab, Doha-qatar, kuwait, poland, Germany, Dubai, around 32 countries we are exporing our machines regularly Details of our range of Manufactured lathe machines are as follows

Geared Lathe Machine

All Geared Lathe Machine

Semi Geared Lathe Machine
Belt Drive Lathe Machine
Light Duty Lathe Machine
Medium Duty Lathe Machine
Heavy Duty Lathe Machine
Big Bore Lathe Machine
Extra Heavy Duty lathe Machine
Plano Bed Lathe Machine
Pedestal Lathe Machine
Heavy Roll Turning Lathe Machine
Tool Room Lathe Machine
Mini Lathe Machine
cnc Lathe Machine
Oil country Lathe Machine
ss and sc Lathe Machine
Roll Turning Lathe Machine
Bench Lathe Machine
Hardened Bed Lathe Machine
Conventional Lathe Machine
Automatic Heavy duty lathe machine
center Lathe Machine
Heavy duty lathe machine 6ft
Heavy Duty Plannar bed lathe machine
shaft turning lathe machine
Heavy duty roller grooving lathe machine
Gear Head Lathe Machine
All Gear Head Lathe Machine
Heavy Duty All Gear Head Lathe Machine
High Speed Geared Lathe Machine
Heavy Duty Big Bore Lathe Machine
Big Bore Lathe Machine 8ft
Heavy Duty Lathe Machine 24 ft
cone pully Lathe Machine
Speed Lathe Machine
Engine Lathe Machine
Turret and capstan Lathe Machine
Gap Bed Lathe Machine
Special Purpose Lathe Machines
Instrument Lathe Machine
Facing Lathe Machine
Flow Turning Lathe Machine

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Lathe machine is the mother machine that is required in each workshop and acquired a very important factor in the manufacturing industry.
Lathe machine is useful for different operations like facing, turning,boring , drilling, slotting , threading etc.
Lathe machine basically holds the workpiece on a four jaw independent chuck or three jaw self centering chuck & tool and then rotates it about an axis to execute operations like knurling, drilling, thread cutting, turning and facing to make an end product on their axis
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Functions of Lathe Machines
Lathe machine is operated to remove the excess metal from the casting or steel and provide it the ground finish and required size as per requirement, operator can able to many size of different different type of lathe machines . The lathe machine can provide plane surfaces and cylindrical surfaces to the product
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There are lot of types of lathe machines . For Different types of industries- There is different Lathe Machines

Semi Geared Lathe Machine

Semi geared lathe machine is a high speed lathe machine like All geared lathe machine , its working is same like all geared lathe machine and semi geared lathe is cheaper then all geared lathe machine , structure is very heavy duty , bedways are flame hardened to provide best accuracy levels.
Semi Geared Lathe Machine is Fully automatic lathe machine working on high speed , spindle speed ranges from 30 to 1500 rpm. fitted with ball bearings, but can achieve more high speed , if angular contact bearings fitting in the head stock.
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